In compliance with the Mexican Law on the Protection of Personal Data in the possession of Exoticostamaya S.A. de C.V. Known under the trade name of Costa Maya Adventours; It informs you that it is the entity responsible for the use and protection of your personal data. This privacy policy also forms part of the website
Based on the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals we inform you the following:


Exoticostamaya S.A. de CV, informs that personal data provided by its customers, employees, suppliers and any other person with whom it has a business, employment, property or business relationship required to comply with the obligations arising from various contracts and agreements entered into between The individuals and the different entities that make up this group of companies will be treated in accordance with the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in the possession of the Individuals and its Regulations.
Exoticostamaya S.A. de CV, has mechanisms to ensure the confidentiality of personal data provided to them, even sensitive ones, and are protected by administrative, technical and physical security measures to prevent their damage, loss, alteration, destruction, use, access or undue disclosure.
Only the authorized persons will have access to such data for the exclusive purpose of the services provided and of the own activities like agency of tourist excursions.
Exoticostamaya S.A. de CV, is responsible for the information and personal data that it owns, collects or collects from individuals and that are necessary, mainly for the proper execution of the operations and provision of the services contracted or contracted with them, as well as for the Execution of the other acts that any of those responsible can perform according to the applicable laws and its bylaws.
Such personal data may have been or may be obtained from your customers, suppliers or employees, as appropriate, either personally or directly by any electronic, optical, sound, visual or any other technology.
The processing of personal data collected by Exoticostamaya S.A. de C.V. Shall be that which is necessary, adequate and relevant for the fulfillment of the purposes mentioned below, as well as for different purposes that are compatible or analogous to them, without the need for obtaining the consent of the holder.

Purpose of personal data
  • The execution of each and every one of the operations and the provision of the services.
  • Conducting surveys of quality, service or any other type related to the products it offers, the services it provides and the events it celebrates, as well as the development and implementation of information analysis and statistical processes resulting from such surveys.
  • The revisions and corrections required for updating data or for greater knowledge of the holders, both for legal and security purposes.
  • For marketing or advertising purposes, consisting of the offering and promotion of Exoticostamaya S.A. de C.V. products or services., and of our different suppliers.
  • Any complementary or auxiliary activities necessary for the accomplishment of the above purposes.
Rights of the holders

The holders may exercise their rights of access to the personal data held by the person responsible; Rectification of any personal data that is inaccurate or incomplete; Cancellation of any of your personal data if it is not provided in some legislation as mandatory or opposition to the processing of your personal data for legitimate cause, which may be carried out by contacting Exoticostamaya S.A. de C.V. To the following telephone number: +52 1 983 1079900.

In order to carry out requests for the exercise of any of the aforementioned rights, the following requirements will be necessary:
A. Name of the holder and address or other means to communicate the response to your request.
B. Documents proving the identity or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the holder.
C. Clear and precise description of the personal data in respect of which one seeks to exercise any of the rights set forth in article 29 of the Law.
D. Any other element or document that facilitates the location of personal data.
The holder may also at any time choose to limit the use or disclosure of his personal data, for which he must request it through the same medium, as long as it is not contrary to what is established in the current legislation. Other procedures By virtue of this Privacy Notice, the holder accepts that his data may be transferred in the understanding that the responsible entities will communicate this privacy notice and the purposes to which the owner subjected his treatment that in the case of third parties other than the Responsible and that the third party will assume the same obligations that correspond to the responsible person who transferred the data, so that the processing of the data will be done as agreed in this privacy notice. Data transfers may be carried out without the consent of the holder, where necessary by virtue of a contract concluded or to be concluded in the interests of the holder, by the responsible institution and a third party or when required for the maintenance or performance of a relationship Between the person responsible and the holder. In case sensitive personal data is requested, the owner must give his express written consent for its treatment, through his autograph signature or electronic signature.
The change of this privacy notice may be made by Exoticostamaya S.A. de C.V., at any time and will be made known by any of the following means: to. With a message or note visible on our website; B. Telephone route, either directly by company staff or a recording.
We recommend that you permanently review the content of this privacy notice on our website at It will be understood that the owner tacitly consents to the processing of his data, when this privacy notice has been made available, does not express his opposition.